In the spring of 1956 a dairy farmer from South Surrey rescued a dapple grey mare from a slaughter house. She was a gift to his 11 year old ,horse crazy, daughter and the beginning of her life long love of horses, in particular the Arabian.

In 1987, Wayne and Marilyn Morris purchased 5 acres in South Surrey to take what was the first step toward the dream of Semiahmoo Stables. Daughter Allison was by then a pre-teen and proud owner of her first horse "Buffy", an unregistered Appaloosa mare. During Allison's teen years she was keenly focused on teaching young riders, buying horses for her clients and training their up and coming Arabian horses.

By 1998, the Morris family had outgrown their much loved 5 acres and purchased a bare 10 acres on 172 Street, South Surrey where Semiahmoo Stables continues its success having celebrated it's 21 anniversary in 2019!

Semiahmoo has the local riding clubs and coaches in the area to thank!

Sunnyside Saddle Club, Delta Riding Club, Burgi Rommel, Lezah Williamson,  Jan McKim.


A passionate equestrian and connoisseur of the Arabian horse, Allison brings over 30 years of knowledge and experience to her clients. Nurturing both rider and horse, her techniques help to build relationships and harmony that take riders from walk/trot at A shows right up to the national level in a number of disciplines.


Many riders from the Semiahmoo lesson programs graduate from their early training and move into her care often with the purchase of their first horse which is a task she feels is key to their success. Allison also works with both junior and amateur riders who already own an Arabian horse and are looking to build upon their showing career.


Without Marilyn the dream that is now Semiahmoo Stables would have never been born. She holds a passion for horses and riding that brought her to the place where she and her team have built an equestrian program fostering the love of the horse.


From the development of riders via the various programs to hosting fun and educational camps, Marilyn has been the driving force bringing it all to fruition. When you come to Semiahmoo Stables you will no doubt feel the dream that started so many years ago with a little idea that Marilyn grew into something incredible!



Semiahmoo Stables is truly a top notch establishment. Great feed program, knowledgeable, friendly staff and fantastic footing! Their lesson program is well run by wonderful instructors and focuses on horsemanship as well as effective riding. All around a great family friendly barn. Happy horses, happy people!



her show name "Queen of hearts" was named Valentine because she was born on Valentine's Day. She is very well trained and adjustable in her gaits which makes her suitable for a wide variety of ages. Before she was a lesson horse she did jumping and Dressage  with her owner.



Is a purebred arabian mare who has just joined the Semiahmoo program in June 2019. She's a kind, willing and tries her best. She enjoys just about everything!


Joey is a special, sensitive horse. He was Mrs Morris' show horse before becoming a lesson horse and he excels in dressage and country. He is an exceptional example of the arabian breed.


Zoe is a sassy little chestnut mare, she is little but with lots of attitude! Zoe is a Morgan Arabian cross and typical to her breed she is goo at just about everything. She really enjoys showing her new riders how to to jump.


Is a 16 year old half Arabian pinto. He loves to show his riders how to canter. In 2019 he was shown in hunter, western and showmanship at a regional level in 10 and under and achieved multiple championships.


Is sensitive ( like most mares) and really bonds to her rider. She has been known to "nicker" a hello to her riders as they show up to the barn. She has also done a lot of trail riding, dressage, 3 day eventing and even equestrian vaulting in her past.

Classy is a kind a sweet mare, like Santora she  really bonds to her riders and likes to take time to get to know them. She has been a lesson horse her entire riding life, which shows how great her temperament is. She is a big mover but also adjust her stride to accommodate  smaller beginner riders.



Is our resident hunter pony. He loves to show the intermediate / advanced riders how to tackle their first fence.


Is a pinto Arabian cross standing at 16 hands high. He's just joined the lesson program after being leased out. He's got an in your pocket personality and bonds with his riders well.


Mickey is a strikingly beautiful with her one blue eye, she excels in dressage, liberty work and also trained in western riding. She has a great canter and comfortable gaits to ride.





18 Year old purebred gelding. Has a rocking horse canter. Great for all levels of rider. Too many ribbons and accomplishments to count.


13 year old half Arabian gelding. 2019 was top ten at Canadian Nationals in Hunter Pleasure JOTR 14-18. He's a laid back guy that can show riders the ropes in the competition ring.





Is a newer addition the semiahmoo program. He has shown hunter and dressage. He enjoys cavaletti work and kisses from his riders.


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